daniel yun
Daniel Yun is a veteran film producer, media practitioner, and marketer. He has extensive experience in advertising and marketing, including running his own marketing and promotion company, Channels Marketing, before moving into the broadcast and movie industry. He joined Singapore Broadcasting Corporation as Vice-President of Radio Sales and became Head of Radio Programming. He then went on to establish and head the Marketing Communications as well as the Programming and Acquisition departments for Television Corporation of Singapore.  
In 1998, Daniel founded MediaCorp Raintree Pictures as a part of MediaCorp’s efforts to develop content beyond the TV platform for the local and the regional markets. A strong driving force behind the push to establish a Singapore movie industry by nurturing Singapore filmmakers and collaborating with accomplished overseas filmmakers, Daniel led MediaCorp Raintree Pictures with over 30 releases, including I Not Stupid, The Eye, The Maid, 881, The Leap Years, Infernal Affairs 2, Turn Left, Turn Right and Painted Skin.
In 2015, he co-produced, co-wrote and co-directed the five years-in-making 1965, a movie on the pioneer generation in the months leading up to the independence of Singapore. In 2016, Daniel founded Blue3 Asia with the YDM Global Company, to develop and fund a slate of borderless and engaging content for online and offline distribution in Asia. This year, Blue3Asia launched ’15 Short Films’, working with a range of Singapore filmmakers, from those experienced and renowned, to those making a name for themselves and those who show great promise and potential.