4G Mobile Service Coverage in Q4 2016

Tunnel Service Coverage

This indicator measures the service coverage for the 4G cellular mobile network within road and MRT tunnels. Tunnel service coverage measures the percentage of data points collected in a tunnel from a 4G cellular mobile network that achieves a minimum signal strength of at least -109dBm. The tunnel areas surveyed by IMDA include all road and MRT tunnels in Singapore. In order to better reflect end users' experience, IMDA uses mobile phones to collect the signal strength data points.

IMDA’s Performance Survey Period - Q4 2016 M1 Singtel Mobile StarHub Mobile

Road Tunnels

Central Expressway 100% 98.72% 100%
Fort Canning 100% 100% 100%
Kallang-Paya Lebar Expressway 100% 99.18% 99.89%
Marina Coastal Expressway Rollout in progress Rollout in progress Rollout in progress
Woodsville 100% 100% 100%

MRT Tunnels

Changi Airport Line 80.66% 82.64% 72.05%
Circle Line 99.04% 99.90% 99.64%
Downtown Line 99.91% 99.90% 99.83%
East-West Line 96.64% 99.66% 99.34%
North East Line 99.82% 99.91% 98.84%
North-South Line 97.15% 98.80% 99.68%

Note 1: For road and/or MRT tunnels without a published result, it means that the respective mobile operator has not completed its 4G service deployment at the particular road and/or MRT tunnel.

Note 2: End users’ individual experience may differ due to different models of handset used, handset settings, number of users in the vicinity, etc. The tunnel service coverage results are based on IMDA’s coverage performance surveys.

Note 3: Rollout of 4G coverage between “Promenade” and “Marina Bay” MRT stations in the Circle Line is in progress for M1 and StarHub Mobile.

Last updated on: 26 Oct 2022