September sensations

What's going to make this a fun month? Cool new shows to keep us entertained!

Buffalo Boys
Not quite the Backstreet Boys you were looking for. Cowboys and Kung-Fu collide in Buffalo Boys. (Still: Infinite Studios.)

By Priscilla Gan


No Sweat web series
How can we keep fit while having fun? No Sweat! (Image: Clicknetwork)

1. No Sweat

No time to workout? Think exercise is boring? Time to work off the excuses!

Hosted by Miss Universe Singapore 2018 finalist Tyen Rasif, the new web series No Sweat will show you how fun fitness can be, and how easy it is to make healthier living a part of your daily routine.

From tips on how to make your fast food healthier, how to incorporate workouts into your daily household chores, to exploring interesting health food restaurants, popular wellness trends, and a peek into the most luxurious gyms in Singapore, No Sweat is sure to pique your interest in health trends and a healthy lifestyle!

New episodes are up bi-weekly till 13 Dec 2018.

No Sweat is produced as part of a partnership between IMDA and Clicknetwork to offer public service content to more Singapore viewers. 

Check out the first episode now:  


Daddy Diaries
Parenting from a father's hands-on perspective. (Image: Clicknetwork)

2. Daddy Diaries

Parenting can be both a joy, and sometimes a lot to manage – even if fathers do know best.

Watch as Kiss 92 FM radio deejay Shan Wee, a proud father of two young boys aged 4 and 6, explores the triumphs and tribulations of being a young parent in Singapore -- through lots of laughter. The show will also introduce fun and unusual activities for parents to enjoy with their kids in Singapore, as well as “unboxing” reviews of new toys and fun food reviews.

New episodes will be up bi-weekly till 28 Dec 2018, so keep a lookout for new episodes on Clicknetwork!

Daddy Diaries is produced as part of a partnership between IMDA and Clicknetwork to create public service web series to reach more Singapore viewers online.

Catch the premiere here:

It's on Youtube too.


Dead Lucky
Cash on delivery takes on a new meaning in Dead Lucky. (Image: Toggle)

3.  Dead Lucky

Call it danger or call it luck – delivery driver Greg discovers millions of dollars in his car one day, just when he is fretting about making enough to pay for his rent.

Unfortunately for Greg, the cash once belonged to a triad gang and is now being sought after by a deadly perfectionistic hitman employed by a corrupt police chief.

Now on the run for his life, Greg – who is assisted by a mysterious hacker named Isaac and his straight arrow cop sister Sam – must push the limits of his good luck in order to survive.

Or he might just end up giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “dead lucky”.

Stars of this meWATCH Original series include Maxi Lim (of Ah Boys To Men fame) and Benjamin Kheng (from The Sam Willows).

Catch it on meWATCH now: 


4.  Buffalo Boys

Buffalo Boys
Buffalo Boys brings an exciting mashup of cowboy gunslinging and martial arts action to 19th Century Java. (Still: Infinite Studios)

If you love a movie with an exciting mix of action and drama, gunslinging and martial arts combat, then this ultimate genre mashup is for you!

Set in 19th Century Java, Buffalo Boys is an action-packed movie following the adventures of two exiled brothers after the murder of their father by Dutch soldiers, forcing them to flee the country and survive in the American Wild West. 

The brothers eventually return to their rightful homeland to unravel the mystery of their past and avenge their father’s death. Their quest for revenge soon turns into a fight for freedom.

With the odds stacked against them, the boys have to rely on the skills learnt from the Wild Wild West to face their enemies in a showdown for justice. Will justice prevail?

Based on an original concept by first-time director Mike Wiluan, CEO of Infinite Studios, the script is co-written by film writer Raymond Lee and produced by Eric Khoo and Tan Fong Cheng. 

Fun fact: Lead actor Yoshi Sudarso was the Blue Ranger in the Power Rangers Dino Charge TV series.

Fun fact 2: Buffalo Boys is Singapore's submission to the Foreign Language Film category of the Academy Awards!

The movie will premiere in Singapore theatres from 4 September 2018. Enjoy the trailer here: 


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