JIT Fashion transforms business with new supply chain system

Started in 2012 by two accountants with young children, JIT Fashion took little time to find its business of selling children’s clothing growing faster than it could cope. Processes that had to be done in hours took days instead.

There was no proper system to record the business data and to track the stock balance by article number, sizes and category. As a result, it was challenging to keep track of the pending purchase orders.

Cost-effective solution enabled business to expand

“We set out to provide good quality and exciting products at an affordable price so all children can enjoy high-quality clothing,” said Mr Biswajit, Manager of JIT Fashion.

“However, we did not anticipate the problems we have to solve when it came to handling orders, stocks and other challenges,” he added. “We needed a system that could be quickly deployed yet affordable to a small but growing company like ours.”

JIT Fashion turned to a Supply Chain Integration System on IMDA’s list of pre-approved solutions under the SMEs Go Digital programme. Cost-effective to deploy and fast to get started with, the solution has since enabled JIT Fashion to run its operations more smoothly. It has expanded in more markets, as a result.

“We are able to record the purchase orders, stocks and invoices in the system. As a result, we shortened the time needed to do invoicing and matching of purchase orders from one day to one hour,” said Mr Biswajit. 

Less manual work impacts sales

At the same time, the company’s stock balance can be tracked easily now. It now re-orders stocks more efficiently, cutting the time down from five days to three hours.

Reports can also be generated as and when required, leading to time saved. Without the need to do things manually, the company’s year-end inventory checking has also become easier.

The improvements have led to direct business impact. Sales have gone up by more than 100 per cent, as JIT Fashion now counts NTUC Fairprice, BHG Singapore, Robinsons, Tom and Stephanie and other stores as customers. It also has expanded to Malaysia.

“We do not have a lot of manpower as the company is still growing. So the technology has acted like a multiplier to let us expand beyond what we first thought possible,” said Mr Biswajit.

Visit SMEs Go Digital Programme for a list of Pre-approved Digital Solutions, or find out more about Accreditation@SGD.


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