Dated: 22 January 2001

The Singapore Broadcasting Authority (SBA) has commissioned "Something Good", a teens drama, which is produced by the local production house, Oak 3 Films. This is the second time that SBA has joined hands with the MediaCorp TV Channel 8 and Oak 3 Films to produce local programmes for the channel, the first being "I Only Care For You", which was shown last year in conjunction with the UN Year of Older Persons.

"Something Good" is funded from SBA's commissioning fund, which was set up in April 1998 to promote the development of the broadcasting industry. Through the commissioning fund, SBA also encourages broadcasters like MediaCorp TV to outsource its projects to independent production houses to help develop local talents.

"Something Good" not only appeals to teenagers but it is also a series that the whole family can enjoy. The four stories portray the needs and aspirations of teenagers, and at the same time, highlight the salient issues that affect teenagers such as peer pressure, moral dilemmas and their relationships with parents and friends. Each hour-long story looks at day-to-day events and incidents and how they can affect friendships and family life.

For example, in the first story "The Dress", a teenage girl has to make a choice between a dress that is sewn by her mother and a designer dress. Told in a simple way, the story brings out the problem of a generation gap between the girl and her mother and how their love for each other eventually binds them together. "Beautiful Sunday" tells the tale of four youngsters and the moral struggle that they face when they accidentally picked up a lottery ticket that does not belong to them.

The third story, "Paper Trishaw" is about a teenage girl who goes on a journey of self-discovery and learning to accept and love herself. The final story, "51 Inch" is about how a close-knit family became divided when there is an unexpected addition in their lives -- a 51-inch TV set. Through humorous scripting, the story highlights the clash between modernisation and traditional family values.

SBA is pleased, through its commissioning fund, to be able to assist MediaCorp TV and the production house to produce more quality local programmes for our audience. SBA is confident that through the process of commissioning, viewers will be offered a wider range of quality programmes on television.