Dated: 22 March 2004

Movie lovers will enjoy a wider range of film choices with the new film ratings announced by the Board of Film Censors (BFC) today. From 29 March 2004, the new film ratings will be:

  • G or General

  • PG or Parental Guidance

  • NC16 or No Children below 16

  • M18 or Mature 18 (for persons 18 years old and above)

  • R21 or Restricted 21 (for persons 21 years old and above)

  • The ratings are implemented following the government's acceptance of recommendations by the Censorship Review Committee last year.

    The ratings
    The BFC drew up the guidelines for the film ratings, in consultation with its films consultative and appeal committees as well as film distributors and exhibitors.

    G-rated films are suitable for everyone. PG-rated films require parents or adults to provide guidance as these films may feature certain themes or scenes not suitable for young children. NC16-classified films may contain more mature themes or scenes that are for teenagers who are 16 years old and above.

    M18 is a new rating that will offer young adults more viewing options. It will also offer film distributors the opportunity to expand their audience base and reach out to more viewers.

    R21 films are meant for adults who are 21 years old and above. This category replaces the present R(A) rating. Films rated R21 feature themes or scenes that have a greater degree of realism and explicitness.

    Films classified as M18 can be shown in cinemas in HDB estates. The BFC is working with the film industry to put in place proper access measures to ensure that younger audiences will not be subject to unsuitable marketing and publicity materials. For example, publicity posters for such films should be suitable for display to the general public. Films rated R21 will continue to be screened only in cinemas located outside of HDB estates.

    Consumer advisory to guide cinema-goers;emphasis on parental guidance goes with greater viewing choice.

    Together with the new ratings, the BFC will be introducing consumer advice that will help the public, especially parents, to make informed decisions for themselves and for their children. These advisories will alert cinema-goers of potentially offensive content such as horror, coarse language, sex, nudity and violence.

    Publicity materials, including print advertisements, as well as films classified NC16, M18, and R21, and selected PG films, should carry the appropriate consumer advice.

    Mr Lim Hock Chuan, CEO of the Media Development Authority, said, "These new ratings will provide more viewing choices for cinema-goers. Film distributors can also request dual ratings for their films. With these arrangements, film distributors will have greater flexibility to serve different market segments.

    "But even as we provide more choices, the role of parents in guiding their young becomes even more important. We want to help parents and cinema-goers make informed choices, and that is why we have introduced consumer advisories for films. These changes reflect a balanced approach between providing choices and protecting the young."

    For more information on the new film ratings, please contact:

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