Dated: 27 April 2006

The Media Development Authority (MDA) will make available through the broadcasters air-time on television and radio for Party Political Broadcasts. Letters have been sent to registered political parties this afternoon to inform them of the availability of this airtime on television and radio, with details on the eligibility criteria and the procedures for the recording and transmission of these broadcasts.

Eligibility for these Party Political Broadcasts will be determined by the number of candidates fielded by a recognised political party under a recognised party symbol.

Independents, and political parties fielding less than six candidates under the same recognised party symbol will not be eligible for air-time. The minimum of six candidates is the same as that set for the General Elections in 1980, 1984, 1988, 1997 and 2001.

There will be two Party Political Broadcasts:

a. One for broadcast after Nomination Day - Sat 29 April 2006
b. One for broadcast prior to Polling Day - Thurs 4 May 2006