Dated: 4 August 2011

1. The Media Development Authority (MDA) will make available through the broadcasters air-time on radio and television for Presidential Candidate Broadcasts (PCB). There will be two Presidential Candidate Broadcasts on the following days:

a. 18 August 2011
b. 26 August 2011

2. Each candidate will be allocated a maximum duration of 10 minutes per language for each presidential broadcast. The content must be the same for all the language versions of the broadcast.

3. Candidates can record the PCB in more than one language. Only a Presidential Candidate can deliver the PCB.

4. Candidates must provide scripts for the four language broadcasts. Where a language script is not provided, the candidate will lose the broadcast. Voice-overs will be provided by Mediacorp for those languages that the candidate is not speaking in, using the candidates’ translated script. Candidates should ensure that all their language scripts are similar and can be delivered within the duration of 10 minutes.

5. Candidates who require assistance with translations of scripts may avail themselves of a list of professional translators provided by Mediacorp. This will be provided in advance to allow candidates to translate their speeches. The cost for the translation services needs to be borne by the candidate.

6. Each PCB will be transmitted once on television and once on radio.

7. The duration of air-time allocated for the second broadcast will be the same as for the first broadcast.

8. All broadcasts should not contain matter of a libellous or criminal nature.

9. The order of the first presidential candidate broadcasts on radio and television will be determined based on the alphabetical ordering of the names as reflected in the Electoral Roll. This order will be reversed for the second presidential candidate broadcast.