Digital Resilience Bonus

Digitalisation is a key enabler for businesses to improve their competitiveness and productivity, so that they can emerge stronger. It will also help businesses to be more resilient and adapt to new post-COVID norms.

The Digital Resilience Bonus (DRB) aims to uplift the digital capabilities of a broad base of enterprises in the Food Services and Retail sectors, which are more affected by safe distancing requirements in the reopening of the economy.

The DRB is given on top of enhanced digitalisation assistance provided under the SMEs Go Digital programme. Food Services and Retail enterprises that have PayNow Corporate accounts without suffix, e-invoicing, and use pre-defined categories of digital solutions for Business Processes, Digital Presence and Data Mining and Analytics can receive bonus payouts of up to $10,000. Download the DRB e-brochure here (2.55MB).

As we exit from the Circuit Breaker and gradually reopen our economy in phases, safe management efforts are expected to remain in place for a considerable period of time. A new normal is likely to emerge globally, where working from home, interacting virtually, buying online and ordering food delivery will be a new way of working and living.

If your business is in the Food Services or Retail sector, the following digital solutions will help you to adapt and thrive in this new normal:

e-Payment (PayNow Corporate) and e-Invoicing enable your business to carry out cashless and paperless transactions, thus reducing the need for physical interactions between buyers and suppliers and being paid faster.

Accounting and HR/payroll solutions enable your business to be more efficient, support remote working and business continuity.

Digital Ordering for dining in and takeaways enables your patrons to place their own orders and make payments digitally. It sends your patrons’ orders to the kitchen immediately for food preparation, thus improving efficiency and accuracy.

Inventory Management enables automatic synchronisation between your inventory movements and your orders, sales and deliveries, thus avoiding under or over-stocking and eradicating the need for manual stock-taking.

e-Commerce, e-Procurement and Food Delivery Platforms enable your business to have better engagement with your existing customers and allow you to expand your market reach beyond your physical shopfronts.

Data Mining and Analytics enable you to optimise business outcomes (e.g. maximise conversion, optimise product mix, reduce wastage) through analysing consolidated data from multiple sources in an insightful way.

There is no need for you to submit any application form.

Providers of Qualified Solutions will submit your UEN to IMDA if you are using the solutions between 1 June 2020 and 30 June 2021.

IMDA will credit the Bonus into your PayNow Corporate account without suffix according to the categories of digital solutions you use.

You may use the checklist below to assess your enterprise’s eligibility:

Mandatory Baseline

1. Does my UEN fall under the Food Services or Retail sectors as at 26 May 2020?

SectorQualified Primary SSIC as at 26 May 2020
Food ServicesList of Food Services SSIC (499.76KB)
RetailList of Retail SSIC (577.28KB)

2. Is my UEN incorporated on or before 26 May 2020?

3. Does my UEN have an active PayNow Corporate account?

4. Is my UEN using InvoiceNow?

If your answer is ‘Yes’ to all the above, you can proceed to assess your eligibility for Category 1, 2 or 3 below.

If any of your answers is 'No' in this checklist, you may seek assistance from supporting organisations (refer to FAQ question 7) on how to fulfill the eligibility criteria. You may also approach a Supporting Bank to help you with your PayNow Corporate account and registering your UEN on InvoiceNow.

Category 1 - Business Process Solutions ($2,500 payout)

5. Is my enterprise using all 3 qualified solutions below at least once a month?

Food Services:
  1. Accounting
  2. HR/Payroll
  3. Digital Ordering (Dine in/Takeaway)
  1. Accounting
  2. HR/Payroll
  3. Inventory Management

If your answer is ‘Yes’, you are eligible for a $2,500 payout, provided your Solution Provider submits your UEN to IMDA, when there is evidence of your usage. You can help to remind your Solution Provider to do so.

Category 2 – Digital Presence ($2,500 payout)

6. Is my enterprise using a qualified solution to enable sales via an Online Shopfront OR via Online Food Delivery at least once a month? OR is my enterprise making purchases on an e-Procurement platform at least once a month?

If your answer is 'Yes', you are eligible for a $2,500 payout, provided your Solution Provider submits your UEN to IMDA, when there is evidence of your usage. You can help to remind your Solution Provider to do so.

Category 3 – Data Mining and Analytics ($5,000 payout)

7. Is my enterprise using a qualified solution for Data Mining and Analytics to obtain insights on how to improve my operations at least once a month?

If your answer is 'Yes', you are eligible for a $5,000 payout, provided your Solution Provider submits your UEN to IMDA, when there is evidence of your usage. You can help to remind your Solution Provider to do so.

Payouts to qualified enterprises started from August 2020.

Processing time will take about 1 month, upon the submission of UENs by Providers of Qualified Solutions to IMDA.

The last payout for the Bonus will be made in July 2021.

Food Services Sector

CategoriesSolution TypesSolution List
Category 11.1 Accounting
1.2 HR/Payroll and
1.3 Digital Ordering for Dine-in/Takeaway
Accounting (184.22KB)
HR/Payroll (155.16KB)
Digital Ordering (137.40KB)
Category 2Online Food Delivery (via food delivery platforms or own online shopfront) or e-ProcurementOnline Food Delivery (120.14KB)
e-Procurement (109.48KB)
Category 3Data Mining and AnalyticsData Mining and Analytics (99.26KB)

Last Updated: 11 June 2021

Retail Sector

CategorySolution TypesSolution List
Category 11.1 Accounting
1.2 HR/Payroll and
1.3 Inventory Management
Accounting (184.22KB)
HR/Payroll (155.16KB)
Inventory Management (174.66KB)
Category 2e-Commercee-Commerce (145.40KB)
Category 3Data Mining and AnalyticsData Mining and Analytics (98.99KB)

Last Updated: 11 June 2021

If your solution is not listed above, you can submit an appeal by completing the form in the links below. You will also have to provide the necessary supporting documents as stipulated in the form.


Food Services

All appeals must be submitted by 5 July 2021. Please note that all appeals are subject to IMDA and ESG's evaluation and approval. Enterprises whose appeals are supported will be notified via email and their payout(s) will be processed accordingly.

Productivity Solutions Grant

Receive up to 80% funding for pre-approved digital solutions (until 31 March 2022). 

Food Delivery Booster Package

Get supported as a Food Services enterprise in managing your food delivery costs, from 16 May to 15 June 2021. 

e-Commerce Booster Package

For Retail enterprises, apply by 16 November 2021 to receive 80% funding support to sell your products online and expand your reach in the Singapore market.

Start Digital Pack

Adopt any 2 foundational and easy-to-deploy solutions at no cost for 6 months with a minimum 18-month contract period.

Grow Digital

Participate in Business-to-Business (B2B) and Business-to-Consumer (B2C) e-commerce platforms to sell overseas without a need for physical presence there.

Advanced Digital Solutions

Receive up to 80% funding support for advanced and integrated digital solutions that help you to deepen digital capabilities and build resilience.

Enterprise Infoline
T: +65 6898 1800
Operating Hours: 8.30am to 5.30pm (Mon – Fri)

An SME Centre nearest to you

T: +65 6513 0388

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SME Digital Tech Hub
T: +65 6909 2174

Supporting Banks:


You can log in with your SingPass to this DRB Portal (DRBP) (for Enterprises) at to view the summary of your company’s qualification status and payout details under each DRB category.  

For guidance on SingPass login and explainers to possible enquiries, please refer to :

The Digital Resilience Bonus (“DRB”) is paid out to Eligible Enterprises that have met all the mandatory baseline criteria. In the event that any erroneous payments are made, or any misconduct, false declaration, dishonesty or misrepresentation on the part of a DRB Partner or an enterprise which has received a DRB payout (“Recipient Enterprise”) is subsequently discovered, any DRB payouts related to the foregoing may be forfeited, withheld, or withdrawn, and IMDA may require that any such DRB payouts be refunded to IMDA by the Recipient Enterprise upon written demand. The Recipient Enterprise shall refund or make payment of such sum within thirty (30) days from the date of IMDA’s written demand for a refund, or as otherwise agreed in writing between the Recipient Enterprise and IMDA.

IMDA shall not be liable for any Eligible Enterprise’s or Recipient Enterprise’s losses, damages, claims or expenses arising from, or in connection with, or in reliance of the DRB, including any act or omission relating to the submission of data to the DRB partners or to IMDA.

When ascertaining whether an arrangement is considered misconduct, false declaration, dishonesty or misrepresentation, IMDA will consider all relevant facts and circumstances and conduct in-depth investigations and/or verifications where necessary. Some unacceptable practices include but are not limited to:

1. Submitting false usage data for enterprises

DRB Partners should not submit false usage data for enterprises which do not have real usage of the Qualified Solution(s) for the processing of DRB payout(s). Enterprises should not create their own transaction data for the purpose of the DRB payout. Enterprises are reminded that providing their enterprises’ information to facilitate such submission may make them accomplices to the fraud, resulting in criminal liability for the enterprises. DRB Partners are reminded that providing such false data may result in criminal liability to them.

2. Submitting usage data for shell companies

No enterprise or individual should create new enterprises or shell companies for the purpose of the DRB payout. The DRB is given to encourage existing enterprises with genuine transactions on the Qualified Solution(s).

3. Submitting incomplete information

Enterprises should provide complete information to the DRB Partners or to IMDA for IMDA’s assessment on whether they meet all baseline criteria and qualify as Eligible Enterprises. Enterprises are reminded that submission of incomplete information may result in a recovery of any DRB payouts previously made, in particular, if IMDA is of the view that such DRB payouts would not have been made if the outstanding information had been provided in the first place.

Last updated on: 22 Apr 2021