Media Literacy and Cyber Wellness

About the Media Literacy Council

Formed on 1 August 2012, the Media Literacy Council works in partnership with Industry, Community, and Government to promote an astute and responsible digital citizenship. 

In an increasingly participatory media and digital landscape in Singapore, the Media Literacy Council seeks to cultivate cyber wellness and encourage the public to become discerning consumers with the ability to evaluate content effectively and use, create, and share content safely and responsibly. It also advises the Government on issues relating to the internet and media content.

Since 2013, the Media Literacy Council has leveraged the global event ‘Safer Internet Day’ (celebrated by over 160 countries annually to promote the safe and positive use of digital technology) to run its flagship Better Internet Campaign (BIC). The BIC champions media literacy in Singapore and brings it into the national consciousness. A national multi-media campaign further allows the Council to reach out to a wide audience, including youth, adults, parents, seniors, and other online users. To create better resonance, the BIC’s core message is neatly summed up in one catchphrase – Be Safe, Be Smart, and Be Kind!

IMDA supports the Media Literacy Council in identifying and facilitating key media and digital literacy initiatives in Singapore.

A thumbnail frame from the #1ClickAway Better Internet Campaign video that promotes media literacy, supported by the Media Literacy Council
A family of three in their living room on their laptop, representing the Media Literacy Council's role in promoting cyber wellness in SG

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