About the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM)

Every day we share our personal data such as name, address and contact number with organisations for various purposes. Such data sharing makes it easy to transact and stay connected with the latest trends. However, it is important that your personal data is used responsibly and measures are taken to ensure its protection.

Organisations certified with the Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) have sound data protection policies and practices to manage and protect your personal data, in accordance to the certification framework. 

Adapted from the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), international benchmarks and best practices, the DPTM certification framework requires organisations to demonstrate accountability in ensuring your personal data is used appropriately with proper protection and disposal measures.

Identify DPTM-certified organisations

The Data Protection Trustmark (DPTM) logo

Only organisations awarded the DPTM certification by IMDA will be able to display the DPTM logo. Certified organisations are listed here (1.37MB).

How DPTM helps in better data protection

All DPTM-certified organisations have their data protection policies and practices assessed by an approved third-party assessment body. 

Under the DPTM certification framework, organisations are required to pass a set of robust and comprehensive criteria and have in place the following practices, such as:

  1. Trained Data Protection Officer and staff to handle your personal data;
  2. Reasonable collection, use and disclosure of data with consent obtained and purpose made known;
  3. Appropriate measures for protection, retention and disposal of data;
  4. Provision of withdrawal of consent, and access and correction of data; and
  5. Appropriate measures to take in the event of data breach. 

As a consumer, you can rest assured that an organisation certified with the DPTM will better safeguard your personal data.

Watch our campaign videos to learn more: 

Find out more about DPTM certification here.

Learn to Protect Your Data

Learning how to protect your own personal data is important in preventing data breaches so that it is used only when and how you want it to be used.

With the enhanced PDPA taking effect in phases from 1 February 2021, you can expect greater protection of your personal data and convenience in using it. Find out more from the PDPC’s consumer handbook.

For more useful tips, visit the PDPC website.


For queries, please email Data_Protection_Certifications@imda.gov.sg or call 6377 3800.

If you experience any incident involving your personal data, the DPTM-certified organisation is committed to address your needs in a timely manner.  If you have concerns about the data protection practices of a DPTM-certified organisation, tell us at Data_Protection_Certifications@imda.gov.sg


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