Silver Digital Creators (SDC)

About Silver Digital Creators (SDC)

Silver Digital Creators (SDC) is a suite of courses for senior citizens in Singapore who have some basic digital knowledge and are keen to take their digital creative skills and digital literacy to the next level. SDC offers five courses in total and participants who complete all five courses will receive an Apple Regional Training Centre certificate of recognition. 

The 5 courses are offered in these areas to help seniors go digital:

  1. Digital Photography – Participants will learn techniques to transform their photographs into powerful images through their mobile devices.
  2. Movie Making – Participants will learn how to create a simple movie based on their latest holiday adventures or excursions.
  3. Digital Music and Art – Participants will learn how to create music with technology, such as designing their own ringtone from their favourite songs.
  4. Coding – Participants will learn how to code a simple app and share it with their friends and family.
  5. Book Authoring – Participants will learn how to author their own e-book and publish their story online.

How to apply?

Click here for more details on SDC.

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