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SGTraDex — Common Data Infrastructure

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About SGTraDex

SGTraDex, which stands for Singapore Trade Data Exchange, is a digital infrastructure that facilitates trusted and secure sharing of data between supply chain ecosystem partners.

SGTraDex, created as a result of the Singapore Together Alliance for Action (AfA) on Supply Chain Digitalisation, aims to streamline information flows and promote efficient data sharing across the fragmented global ecosystem through a common data highway.

How it works?

Think about a data highway as if it was an actual highway. SGTraDex represents a new type of public and neutral infrastructure in a digital era. SGTraDex allows for data connections to be made to a wide range of data contributors and data users across the world, fostering seamless data sharing and collaboration.

Here are three simple concepts to understand how SGTraDex works:

  • Data Highway – Fast lanes for (data) flow
  • Data Pitstops – Sliproads for vehicles (data) to prepare to enter or exit the highway
  • Service Marketplace – traffic flow exchanging goods, services, and ideas between places through vehicles (data).

Design principles

The system is designed to be trusted and secure, scalable and interoperable, timely, and accessible.

This is to ensure legitimate and valuable interactions between contributors and consumers of data across systems, and strong data governance. By being able to connect to local and global data systems, SGTraDex aims to become an end-to-end enabler of supply chain ecosystems in Singapore and globally. For easier accessibility, all parties across the supply chain should be able to “plug and play” through their existing systems to be connected to SGTraDex.

Who can apply?

SGTraDex will be relevant to everyone on the whole supply chain, from shippers, to logistics providers, to trade financiers, and all other intermediaries.


SGTraDex seeks to enhance connectivity between both local supply chains stakeholder groups and existing systems while also enabling connectivity with global supply chains. It is meant to be trusted, secure, easy-to use – this enables trusted and secure data sharing through an infrastructure that allows data producers and consumers to share data effortlessly, prioritising connectivity ease.

SGTraDex creates new value for all ecosystem participants – shippers (Importers and Exporters), Asset Operators (Carriers, Port & Terminal Operators, Hauliers, Depots, Air & Rail transport), Service Providers (Financial Institutions, Freight Forwarders, Technology Solutions) and Government (authorities) through productivity and transparency whilst improving trust and resilience.

How to apply?

For more details, please visit


For more information, please write to

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