ric aw the creative room

Born in Singapore in 1976, Ric Aw has been making films that reflect on human conditions since 2005. His films magnify the everyday man and their difficulties set in modern day society.

He has directed 8 short films that have travelled to different film festivals. In 2017, he directed a short film entitled Mei Ling Street. It premiered at Singapore International Film Festival. Some of his other works include short film Piah, which was commended by Prime Minister Lee as “heart-warming short film” and “a story of loss, hope and reconciliation.” In 2013, he directed Villain debuted at Singapore Short Films Awards and won Best Script and a special mention for Best Performance. Standing in Still Water (2014) was his first feature for the cinema. In addition to cinema, his form of artistic expression extends to video installation.

He is the founder of The Creative Room.