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Joey, a video consultant from the W.E.D (Wedding Education Department), dedicates herself to promoting marriages through her unique videos. Now she is about to fulfill her dream with Gin, a handsome music teacher whom she was cast alongside with as bride and groom in a W.E.D video. But Joey’s path to her wedding seems elusive. She finds Gin out and about with a beautiful girl, Cecilia. Joey is desperate to win him back. When Gin discovers Joey’s obsessive stalking behaviour, he claims not to be her fiancé but a platonic friend who only ‘acted’ for her in the video. But Gin is flattered by Joey’s unabashed affection for him and his music. Joey’s unrelenting pursuit of Gin shows how far a heart will go to get what it wants and if indeed, there is a winning formula to make love happen under any circumstances.

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Running time

89 minutes


35mm, HD

Key cast

Joanna Dong, Mo Tzu-Yi, Alice Lim, Sarah Ng, Kiat-Sing Teo, Jeszlene Zhou

International sales/distribution

Add Oil Films

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