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  • Official Selection38TH International Film Festival Rotterdam 2009

Performed by non-professional actors, Hashi weaves together 3 overlapping stories, centering on 3 women from 3 age groups - Shino (50s), Junko (30s) and Momo (20s). Momo is a bento (box lunch) delivery girl who sends bentos to Shino and Junko, who are colleagues in an office. There, Momo would always share her dreams with Shino or Junko. One day Shino gets a call from an ex-boyfriend whom she has not met for 30 years. Junko, meanwhile, has doubts about her relationship with her boyfriend. Their 3 lives cross and diverge in oblique and tangential ways. As the story weaves around issues of love, relationships, insecurity, death, and the blurring between dreams and reality, the men in their lives are always present but hardly seen or heard.

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Running time

111 minutes


Digibeta/ DVCAM

Key cast

Shinohara Keiko, Kato Naoko, Nakao Yoko, Nagatome Kanako, Uemura Naoko, Mogata Miku, Hirano Seiko, Nakamura Etsuko, Inoue Tomomi, Nakajima Natsuko, Shirai Keita, Uchimaru Kohei, Koide Yohei, Muta Tetsuo, Abdus Salam

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