jimami tofu

A Chinese Singaporean chef formerly working in Tokyo finds himself in Okinawa, begging a disgruntled old chef to teach him traditional Okinawan food. A top Japanese food critic finds herself in Singapore on an eye opening discovery of Southeast Asian cuisine. In reality, both are looking for each other after an emotional breakup years ago, when she left him without a trace. Emotionally crippled by their breakup, he searches her hometown for her, but discovers instead the art of traditional Okinawan food and her best friend from childhood. Previously kept family secrets unravel, and when she suddenly appears in Okinawa looking to find closure, he cooks and serves her their final meal together. Through it, she discovers what she has been yearning for all these years.

Produced by


Running time

121 minutes



Key cast

Jason Chan, Mari Yamamoto, Rino Nakasone, Masane Tsukayama, Christian Lee

International sales/distribution

 BananaMana Films

Year of release

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