legend of the sea

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Set at the dawn of time, a mighty Dragon King rules over weather and water under Heaven's mandate. Draco the Little Dragon Prince, is playful and rebellious. In a moment of folly, he steals the Luminous Pearl, the ruler's treasure and power source, to play with it. He is entangled by the evil octopus named Ocho - the king's archenemy - who schemes to grab the Pearl and the power it holds. Threatening the prince, his father and all whom he holds dear, Ocho commands a fearsome army to attack the palace and hunt down Little Dragon. Thus begins the little dragon's undersea journey of discovery and redemption to save his father as well as the kingdom.

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Running time

76 minutes



Key cast

JJ Lin, Yu Zhong Lin, Jin Sha

International sales/distribution

Cubix and Kosmix



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