mee pok man


  • Special Jury Mention and Best New Asian Director1st Pusan International Film Festival 1996
  • Special Mention Prize (FIPRESCI/NETPAC)8th Singapore International Film Festival 1995

Lonely, misunderstood, and ridiculed, the Mee Pok Man runs an all-night noodle stall in a notorious part of Singapore. His patrons are mostly hookers, pimps, outlaws, and thugs. Among them is Bunny, a disillusioned prostitute who desperately wants to escape her vicious pimp, Mike Kor, and his band of hoodlums. Bunny often dreams of escaping her dreary existence, and pins her hopes on her sleazy English boyfriend, Johnathan Reese (David Brazil). Unknown to Bunny, the Mee Pok Man is obsessed with her, seeing her as a fragile angel whom he must rescue from the muck and filth that she is mired in. An accident brings them together. But just as the two lonely souls begin to connect, fate intervenes and deals them a cruel hand. Cheated of his happiness, the Mee Pok Man rejects society and dives headlong into a relationship that is at once touching as it is bizarre.

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Running time

98 minutes



Key cast

Joe Ng, Michelle Goh, Lim Kay Tong

International sales/distribution

Shaw Organization, Media Asia


(65) 6735 7053 (Zhao Wei)

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