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  • Nominated Best Cinematography, Best Makeup and Costume Design57th Golden Horse Awards 2020

Place: Singapore. Year: 1969. One murder case. Two bodies: one male, one female. The writer completes a full picture of the aforementioned murder case using only fragmented information that he found in the old stack of newspaper and the imagination and pure assumption of his own. There are only three persons living in this good-class bungalow: a lady in her early thirties, and her two serving maids. The lady, who is suffering from depression, is believed to be a mistress of a mysterious person. A handsome family doctor comes visiting her frequently and gives her injections of sedative. The lady is planning a secret runaway with the doctor. Walls have ears. The senior maid is eavesdropping on their conversations.

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Running time

90 minutes



Key cast

Chuando Tan, Nanyeli, Chen Yixin, Chang Tsu-Lei, Xiang Yun, Tay Ping Hui

International sales/distribution

mm2 Entertainment



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