roulette city

Tak, from Mainland China, goes to Macau with his uncle Wai, hoping to win money to pay for his ill mother's operation. They win big at their initial tries, but Wai soon becomes increasingly distracted as he runs into Tak’s old lover, Wynnie. Misled to believe that he had killed Wai in a furied brawl over Wynnie, Tak is lured into a gamble that he cannot refuse: Wynnie’s freedom in exchange for information known to a local policeman, Kin. To gain Kin's trust, Tak befriends Kin’s sister Armanda and unexpectedly starts to fall for her. But as Tak grows closer to Kin and Armanda, and Kin gets closer to discovering Tak's true intentions, Tak must decide where his true loyalties lie.

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Running time

75 minutes



Key cast

Thomas Lim, Josephine Chi, Po-Chung Kiu

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