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Awards won:

  • Official SelectionSingapore International Film Festival 2021

Saturday afternoon in Singapore, the artist Lee Wen climbs on stage: 'We have to keep the ghost happy today, so we can have a good day of rock and roll". With these words, begins both a film with rare footage of live performances and a history of the city's alternative music scene, from the early days of punk, to the electronic, indie and hardcore genres - told by the musicians who, in the face of decades of marginalisation, continue to fight for the right to create. This is one of the few times alternative musicians have spoken out about the challenges they faced, both outside and within the scene. As the music plays on, we discover a world of underground zines, of secret gigs, and of utopian spaces, whose existence only appears more remarkable, in the present digital age.

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Running time

94 minutes



Key cast

Abdul Nizam, Chris Ho, Francis Frightful, Suhaimi Subandie, Ginette Chittick, Vinita Ramani

International sales/distribution

M'GO Films


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