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Sinaran is a Malay musical-dance love story, set against the music of Malaysian superstar, Sheila Majid. It revolves around the studious Shila – a Sheila Majid fan – who learns about love, friendship and life in her first year in college. Shila’s fun-loving BFF, Tina, encourages her to join the college dance competition. There, Shila falls in love with Andre – the hardworking dance producer – and takes the lead role, which Tina badly wanted. Shila’s performance is sabotaged by the jealous Tina and Dafi, Andre’s best friend, whose dark past puts Andre’s life in danger. Will Shila and Andre’s love survive their friends’ deceit?

Produced by



Running time

97 minutes


HD Digital

Key cast

Lisa Surihani, Evan Sanders, Izara Aishah, Sheila Majid, Syarif Sleeq, Nadiah M. Din

International sales/distribution

Sinaran Pictures


Year of release

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