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An unlikely friendship develops when a Eurasian girl from China, Paula, enrolls into a primary school in Singapore, and befriends her autistic classmate Open. Paula is quick to notice that Open is special, and insists Open’s father Xiaotian keep Open in their school, despite complaints of Open’s syndrome from their fellow classmates' parents. She also realises Open is gifted in Chinese opera and suggests to Xiaotian for Open to be the lead in the school’s international Chinese opera performance, noticing that the traditional art brings Open freedom and comfort. With the cultural show at stake, will Open rise up to the occasion and perform on stage?

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Running time

90 minutes



Key cast

Eli Shih, Christopher Downs, May Phua, Jocie Kok, Austin Chong, Lorena Gibb

International sales/distribution

Brainchild Pictures

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