wayang boy

Wayang Boy is a family comedy about Singaporeans living amidst the influx of foreign immigrants. Caught in the hoo-ha is an Indian boy, Raja. Raja is new in Singapore and he is brought to Singapore by his Chinese stepmother Emma. On his first day of school, Raja is nicknamed “a foreign talent” by the class bully, Xavier. The two boys get into a fight, dragging classmate Shi Han into the mess.

The school principal decides to give the boys an ultimatum – to join the Chinese Opera troupe, or face a month in detention. Queen Elizabeth is visiting the school in three weeks and the principal wants to impress her with a multi-racial Chinese Opera performance. Through the mayhem of putting up this multi-racial “wayang” performance, the children learn the meaning of living together as one united people, regardless of race, language, or religion.




Running time

107 minutes



Key cast

Denzyl Y. Dharma, Law Kar-Ying, Michelle Yim

International sales/distribution
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