Juan produced Singapore’s first digital film, Return To Pontianak (1999), first HD-feature Dirty Laundry (2001) and indie-cult film Perth (2005). His film journey began in script reading and distribution for a film finance company then freelancing in editing and production. Graduating from film school and holding qualifications in creative producing and creative entrepreneurship, Juan also trained in traditional cel animation and worked briefly in Japanese anime.

As a producer, Juan developed and raised project funds up to S$1M. His instinct and work in story development led to script option offers by a Hollywood studio. In the 2000s, Juan was one of the first few Asian filmmakers to workshop projects in European labs like Produire-Au-Sud. He was associate producer for other indie-Singapore films such as Road Less Travelled (1997), Talking Cock The Movie (2002), and Unarmed Combat (2005). His current film venture is Singapore’s first creature movie Circle Line (2020).

Juan lectures in universities, polytechnics and private media institutions. He is also an industry moderator, jury and writer. Juan worked in WDA, MDA and U Creative in talent development, content quality assessment and outreach. He is candidly regarded as the pioneer independent producer who is ‘still’ around for the past 20 years.