kat goh boku films
A television production veteran, Kat Goh is one of the few women filmmakers to emerge from Singapore. Cutting her teeth as an assistant producer on epic TV productions, Kat’s work on the small screen include blockbusters such as The Adventures Of Wisely, Dare To Strike, Cash Is King, Thank You Teacher and Tastefully Yours.

In 2004, Kat made her television directorial debut with the highly rated comedy series Durian King. Leaving television, Kat went on to serve as Singapore filmmaker Kelvin Tong’s assistant director on features such as The Maid, Love Story, Rule #1 and Kidnapper. In 2008, Kat’s first short film, Swimming Lesson, won the Best Short Film and Best Director Awards at the 2009 Singapore International Film Festival. The tender and surprising film about a mother’s love also garnered the Special Jury Mention Award at the 7th Vladivostock International Film Festival “Pacific Meridian”.

In 2011, Kat produced the 2011 blockbuster, It’s A Great Great World. The Chinese New Year blockbuster went on to make $2.5million at the Singapore box-office. 2012 saw Kat making her feature film debut with Dance Dance Dragon, an all-star Chinese New Year comedy that is produced by MediaCorp Raintree Pictures and Boku Films. In 2014, Kat produced Hollywood Horror film, The Faith of Anna Waters, released internationally and in United States in 2016.

She is currently with Boku Films.