A graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a background in Economics, Leon is one of the founding partners of Boku Films. Since the inception of Boku Films in 2003, Leon has produced more than 10 feature films and various TV drama serials as well as numerous TV.

In 2005, Leon was the Executive Producer of 1942, a Japanese suspense thriller feature set in the Malayan jungles during World War II. During the same year, Leon also produced The Maid, Singapore’s highest grossing horror feature film which was released internationally in 2005. His sixth feature – Kidnapper, the thriller went on to win critical acclaim with its fast-paced tension upon its release in 2010. Following the same year of 2010, Leon produced 2 more films – It’s a Great Great World, a historical epic about a legendary Singapore amusement park as well sci-fi thriller Robotropolis a VFX intense feature film which premiered in UK cinemas in September 2011.

In 2012, Leon produced Dance Dance Dragon and Battle of The Damned an action movie which stars international Hollywood actor Dolph Lundgren. In 2014, Leon produced The Faith of Anna Waters, released internationally in 2016. Leon is currently producing his latest movie - A Year of No Significance, a movie about Singapore’s transition from a Mandarin to an English-speaking nation. Besides being a producer, as the Managing Director of Boku Films, Leon is responsible for development, marketing, and management of Boku Films Pte Ltd.