Hoods Inc Productions | Production Company

Hoods Inc. Productions Pte Ltd is a media and production company housing a creative team of producers, designers, editors, writers and directors who individually and collectively have worked on projects like Under One Roof, PCK Pte Ltd, Capital e and Star Wars Episode 1 Asian EPK. Under the Hoods Inc. banner, they have generated unique and memorable content like Front, The Celebration, Score, City Sharks, Presidential Art, Cosmo & George, Wrinkles, Knockout, Zero Hero, Let Elephants Be Elephants, IDEX, SSOFA, Living Together, Fableicious, Double Trouble, Yolo Pronto, Pulau Hantu and CNAI’s Angels.

Hoods Inc. Productions also supports Singaporean artists and arts troupes through video and promotional assistance, receiving the prestigious Patron of the Arts Award (FOA) and was part of the Singapore International Festival of the Arts 2015 in collaboration with the SG50 celebrations. Hoods Inc. Productions single-minded focus on quality has led to its diversity in products and services, from comedies to dramas, webisodes to commercials, feature films to music videos.