Sinaran Pictures Pte Ltd is a Singapore-based film production company with regional aspirations, to create a pipeline of commercial projects with regional partners from Malaysia and Indonesia. Their aim is to develop projects with Asian content and with maximum exportability to the regional markets. The company manages the full suite of activities from story development to production to editing, music and sound design.

Some of their notable production and distribution partners in the region includes Shooting Gallery (Singapore), Maxima Pictures (Indonesia), Moviesta Pictures (Indonesia), unlimited production (Indonesia), Red Films (Malaysia), Nuansa (Malaysia) and GSC (Malaysia). In 2015, Sinaran Pictures released their first full length Malay-language musical feature film, Sinaran directed by Osman Ali with the regional cast starring Singapore’s very own Nadiah M Din and Syarif Sleeq together with popular film stars from Malaysia, Lisa Surihani and Indonesian superstar, Evans Sanders.