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Statistics on Telecom Services for 2010 (Jan - Jun)

Fixed Lines1 [Figures updated on a quarterly basis]
Total Fixed Line Subscriptions 1,930,900 1,944,000
Total Residential Line Subscriptions 1,153,600 1,168,000
Total Corporate Line Subscriptions 777,300 776,000
Fixed Line Population Penetration Rate^ 38.7% 39.0%
Fixed Line Household Penetration Rate


Mobile Market
Total Mobile Subscriptions
6,878,900 6,865,000 6,884,800 6,920,300 6,964,500 7,017,200
Total Post-paid Subscriptions (2G) 435,600 418,400 398,500 380,800 361,100 351,100
Total Pre-paid Subscriptions (2G) 3,195,500 3,121,600 3,068,500 2,988,500 2,891,100 2,797,700
Total Post-paid Subscriptions (3G) 3,035,700 3,073,400 3,120,500 3,165,600 3,206,300 3,242,000
Total Pre-paid Subscriptions (3G) 212,200 251,600 297,400 385,300 506,100 626,500
Total SMS Messages (2G+3G)
[Figures updated on a quarterly basis]
- - 2,179.7m - - 2,251.5m
Total Ported Subscriptions3 11,000 11,000 12,400 11,100 9,200 7,900
Mobile Population Penetration Rate^ 137.9% 137.6% 138.0% 138.7% 139.6% 140.7%
Dial-Up Internet Subscriptions
Total Internet Dial-up 78,600 77,500 76,500 75,100 74,100 73,100
Internet Dial-up Population Penetration Rate^ 1.6% 1.6% 1.5% 1.5% 1.5% 1.5%
Broadband Internet Subscriptions
Total Broadband4 5,969,600 6,080,700 6,224,200 6,389,000 6,587,300 6,791,000
Total Residential Broadband 1,731,500 1,768,300 1,836,800 1,873,600 1,914,600 1,962,700
Total Corporate Broadband 154,900 162,800 167,800 173,000 172,100 181,200
Total xDSL5 519,900 521,700 534,700 534,800 536,000 550,400
Total Cable Modem6 611,800 620,400 630,300 637,700 647,800 654,500
Total Wireless Broadband7 4,831,900 4,933,000 5,053,400 5,210,900 5,398,600 5,581,200
Total Subscribers using other Broadband Internet Access Platforms 6,000 5,700 5,800 5,600 4,900 5,000
Household Broadband Penetration Rate8 148.8% 152.0% 157.9% 161.1% 164.5% 168.7%
International Telephone Services
Total number of outgoing retail international telephone call minutes 580.18m 587.80m 626.57m 613.50m 619.65m 603.61m
Total number of outgoing retail international telephone call minutes including transit9 928.80m 917.98m 1,058.68m 1,041.98m 1,019.32m 1,013.90m

^Population Penetration rate figures from Jun 2009 onwards have been re-computed based on the estimated mid-year population figures for 2009 released by the Department of Statistics in Sep 2009. Population Penetration Rate = [Total number of subscriptions/Total Population]

"Household Penetration Rate" is computed by dividing the total residential subscriptions by "Total Households". "Total Households" refers to the total number of residential dwelling units in Singapore. "Household Penetration" rates for Jun 2007-May 2008 and from Jun 2008 onwards have been re-computed based on the estimated mid-year dwelling units figures obtained from the Department of Statistics in Oct 2008 for 2007 and 2008 respectively.

All figures for subscriptions are rounded to the nearest hundred.
All figures for penetration rates are rounded to the nearest decimal point.

1 "Fixed Lines" includes Direct Exchange Lines (“DEL”) and IP Telephony subscriptions using Level '6' numbers.

2 "Total Mobile Subscriptions" includes 2G, 3G subscriptions (including both pre-paid and post-paid subscriptions).

3 "Total Ported Subscriptions" refers to the number of subscribers who retained their mobile numbers when they switched to a new mobile operator.

4 "Total Broadband Subscriptions" (i.e., for connection speeds equal to, or greater than, 256 kbit/s, in one or both directions) includes retail xDSL, cable modem, leased line Internet, 3G, 3.5G/HSDPA, 4G/LTE, WiMAX or its equivalent and Wi-Fi hotspots access (including Wireless@SG subscriptions).

5 "Total xDSL" includes residential and corporate xDSL subscriptions.

6 "Total Cable Modem" includes residential and corporate cable modem subscriptions.

7 "Total Wireless Broadband Subscriptions" includes all retail broadband Internet access subscriptions (i.e., for connection speeds equal to, or greater than, 256 kbit/s, in one or both directions) provided via wireless platforms such as 3G, 3.5G/HSDPA, 4G/LTE, WiMAX or its equivalent and Wi-Fi hotspots (including Wireless@SG subscriptions).

8 From Apr 2007, the "Household Broadband Penetration Rate" includes wireless access plans (provided via 3.5G/HSDPA and WiMAX or its equivalent). It excludes subscriptions to 3G and Wi-Fi hotspots. This figure is computed using the total number of residential broadband subscriptions on a per household basis. Please note that this is not reflective of the proportion of households with broadband in Singapore. For a more reflective number, please refer to IDA's Household Survey findings.

9 This figure includes total retail outgoing international call minutes as well as transit minutes and. includes all Service-Based Operators (SBO).

These telecom statistics are subject to revision from time to time to ensure accuracy.