last updated 20 June 2018

Engaging the community is key to IMDA’s mission to develop and regulate the converging infocomm and media sectors in a holistic way.

IMDA aims to provide funding for public service broadcasts, educate consumers on media literacy and infocomm technologies that affect their everyday lives. At the same time, IMDA seeks to bridge the digital divide, ensuring that technology is inclusive and accessible to users in Singapore.

The goal is a society where ICT is used as a powerful leveller to empower and benefit the elderly, needy and people with disabilities through a range of programmes that enhance their employability, integrate with the mainstream, and lead more independent, fulfilling lives.

To support the pervasive use of ICT to enhance the quality of life in Singapore, IMDA ensures that consumers are kept informed of the latest ICT developments, guides them in tech adoption and usage, and fine tunes the regulatory environment where necessary to protect their interests.

IMDA plays a similar role in the media sector. This is especially important at a time when the impact of ever-evolving media content is felt by both the consumer and creator of content.

Through co-regulation with the industry, media content classification and the formulation of policies and content guidelines, IMDA aims to make available a wide variety of media for consumption, while protecting the young from objectionable content.

As more media choices and channels ​become available, IMDA also seeks to educate and inform the public about media choices through its media literacy and cyber wellness programmes.​

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