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Digital Clinics

last updated 21 February 2019

Digital Clinics allow participants especially seniors to receive one-on-one assistance from volunteers with their smartphones.

The clinics will help participants especially seniors become more proficient with the devices, such as how to connect to wi-fi hotspots, personalise accessibility tools on their devices, adjust phone settings and functions (e.g text size, magnifier function, voice-to-text function, using cloud settings) to best suit their needs.

Come attend the Digital Clinics

Digital Clinics provide participants with valuable learning opportunities and one-on-one assistance in using their mobile devices such as smartphones – for example, they can learn to connect to wi-fi hotspots, personalise accessibility tools on their devices, and adjust their phone settings and functions to best suit their needs. Citizens can also learn about applications and transactions relevant to their lifestyles like mobile payments, and participate in national initiatives like SGSecure. The Clinics will cater to users of both iOS and Android devices.

The Clinics are supported by Corporate SG:D Friends, a programme under IMDA’s Silver Infocomm Initiative, where volunteers from organisations come together to encourage seniors to hop onto the digital bandwagon. Supporting seniors in leveraging technology is especially imperative today as Singapore evolves into a Digital Economy and a cohesive digital society.

Digital Clinics are open to all age groups and is suitable for seniors. Participants may walk-in to the clinics and will be attended to on a first-come, first-serve basis. Each participant will be attended to for about 20 minutes, so that everyone has an opportunity to seek assistance on their mobile phones. For those who require more time, volunteers will try their best to assist, based on crowd situation at the Clinics.

Upcoming Digital Clinics 

Please click here for the schedule of upcoming Digital Clinics.