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Mobile and Broadband

last updated 03 November 2017

To help consumers understand the issues relating to their use of mobile and broadband services, the IMDA has compiled a series of Mobile & Broadband Advice on topics ranging from latency and throughput, to usage issues such as learning to get more from your broadband connection, the benefits of higher bandwidth, and how to go safe online.

  • Support and Feedback for Wireless@SG

    The Wireless@SG programme by IMDA provides free Wi-Fi services in public spaces, in collaboration with venue owners and service providers. Please contact the Wireless@SG operators for more information or technical assistance.Read more
  • Latency

    Latency is defined as the time taken for a data packet to travel from one point to another and back. In applications which require real-time communications, high latency slows down the communications and may result in quality degradation.Read more
  • Throughput

    Throughput refers to the amount of data that is successfully transferred from one point of the network to another over a specified period of time. It is usually expressed as kilobits or megabits per second (kbps or Mbps).Read more
  • How to Get More from Your Broadband Connection

    Not having sufficient memory to run the operating system and active applications, an underpowered processor or an outdated browser are just some possible reasons why users may experience below par broadband performance.Read more
  • Choosing the Right Broadband Plan

    With over a dozen broadband Internet plans offering a wide spectrum of prices and speeds, consumers may find it a challenge to choose the right plan.Read more
  • Benefits of Higher Bandwidth

    Having a higher bandwidth means you will be able to achieve a higher data transfer rate which in turn leads to shorter download times.Read more
  • Mobile Phone Base Stations and Radiofrequency Radiation

    IMDA works closely with the National Environment Agency (NEA), the national authority for radiation protection, to ensure that RF radiation safety requirements from mobile phone base stations are met.Read more
  • IMconnected

    IMconnected gathers usage experience from users' mobile phones, such as broadband speed, latency and coverage on mobile cellular networks including 3G and 4G, as well as on Wi-Fi networks.Read more