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Near Field Communication

last updated 14 November 2018

Near Field Communication is a close-range wireless technology that allows for quick data exchange between devices.

About Near Field Communication

What's the big deal about NFC?

These days, just about everyone is chatting with friends, playing games, reading the news, watching videos or shopping online on their smartphones.

Now imagine using your smartphone to pay for your meals, shopping and entertainment. No more fumbling for your wallet or scrambling for change. Just a whole new level of convenience to complement our lifestyles, since most of us are already joined at the hip, or hands in this case, with our smartphones!

Can we take it even further? Definitely.

How about collecting loyalty coupons on the spot when you pay for your items and redeeming them for discounts or prizes, all on your smartphone too? Bloated wallets filled with a gazillion ticket stubs, coupons, and vouchers will be a thing of the past.

Think instant redemptions, easy accumulation of loyalty points and a slim wallet. More importantly, think absolutely fuss-free.

Simply put, we're bringing you a faster way for you to pay for your meals, download and redeem discount coupons, keep track of loyalty programmes, watch movie trailers and even buy movie tickets. All with your smartphone!

That's why we're excited about Near Field Communication. Because NFC means doing more – easily!

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