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last updated 03 November 2017

Provides information on Business Products and the basic requirements for Venue Owners who are interested to setup Wireless@SG.

Given Singapore's high wireless broadband penetration and the growing number of sophisticated users, IMDA envisages a continued increase in the business use of Wi-Fi to access the Internet and services.

Businesses can look forward to more innovative services, such as targeted advertising, office communication suite and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), in addition to the variety of existing enterprise services such as such as advertising, location-based services, cashless payments and facility monitoring. These services have been popular with the enterprise industry and an increasing number of businesses roll out enterprise services over the Wireless@SG network yearly.

To build on this momentum, IMDA continues to engage members of the infocomm ecosystem and businesses to drive the adoption of Wireless@SG among enterprises.

Businesses and building owners whom desires to provide free Wi-Fi to their patrons are encouraged to partner operators to extend Wireless@SG service within their premises on commercial arrangements. By doing so, they can leverage on Wireless@SG's standardised and secured login mechanisms (i.e. SIM Login). In addition, they could also achieve cost efficiency to access their own enterprise services over the same Wireless@SG network.

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