Last updated: 13 March 2023

Published on: 09 December 2016


PIXEL Studios has a big dream – it aims to push the boundaries of digital content and gaming.

20161209 group pic pixel

PIXEL Studios aims to be an innovation catalyst for Singapore's digital content creators and game developers. 

By Annabelle Liang

Like the pixels that make up a digital image, Singapore’s first dedicated facility for supporting developers and content creators hopes to provide the building blocks for realising Singapore’s creative ambitions.

Spanning 25,000 sq ft, PIXEL Studios, which is short for Promising Innovations and Experiential Learning, is the latest addition to the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA)’s PIXEL innovation spaces.

Opened last month, the facility in one-north provides resources, training and more collaboration opportunities "to spur the next generation of digital content creators and media professionals to explore innovative ways of content creation and storytelling," said IMDA.

dinerTo help get the creative juices flowing, it even boasts of quirky touches such as meeting and seminar rooms which are are modelled after a vintage diner, train carriage and kopitiam. These can even double up as production sets. 

Beyond infrastructure and tools, it will also host workshops, consultations with experts, networking sessions and hackathons to equip content creators with relevant skills.

Popular YouTuber from California, Meghan Camarena (pictured below), said that PIXEL Studios will help content creators gain perspective. “Just like if you went on a film set and saw how they worked the camera, did lighting – it's cool to come to a spot like this and see how other creators are doing stuff,” she said. “It will give visitors a lot of creative ideas. They can take that, go back home and then build on it.”

At the opening of PIXEL Studios, Guest-of-Honour, Minister for Communications and Information Dr Yaacob Ibrahim said that there were endless possibilities for creators.

“Anyone can now be a broadcaster with just a mobile phone and an Internet connection. Games are no longer just for entertainment, but also for serious purposes like healthcare, and delivered on multiple platforms including in virtual and augmented reality,” Dr Yaacob explained.

“We see value in a dedicated space for digital content creation, one that our community can call home, and where magical opportunities can be ignited at the intersection of infocomm and media. The sky is the limit for digital content creators,” he added.

The studio's opening was part of SMF Ignite, a keystone event of the Singapore Media Festival, which made its debut on 29 November. SMF Ignite is organised by the IMDA and industry partners such as Maker Studios, StyleHaul and Dailymotion.

Through a series of workshops and conferences, it brought together digital content creators and industry thought leaders. YouTube gaming personalities, such as UnlistedLeaf, Comicstorian and NOTGOOD GAMERS, also took part in a meet-and-greet with fans. strawbury

Xiaxue, a popular blogger and online television personality, attended the launch of PIXEL Studios. She said that the facilities would be especially attractive to those who were just starting out. “There are (video) equipment and stuff here that’s fully functional, a kitchen and a green screen studio ... that people cannot really afford,” she explained.

IMDA also announced three new partnerships with Samsung, StarHub and StyleHaul, which will expose content creators to training programmes, pitches and workshops. IMDA is also partnering goGame to start an accelerator programme for promising game developers.

“Having been in the industry for over a decade, I've seen the local gaming industry grow from strength to strength under continued support from IMDA. I also recognise the importance that mentorship can play in growing the gaming giants of tomorrow,” said goGame’s Chief Executive, David Ng.

Samsung, which provided PIXEL Studios with its newest virtual reality technology Gear VR, will helm training programmes by experts.

“Virtual reality is charting a new frontier in mobile innovation and the Samsung Gear VR transports users into a new realm with the truly immersive experience it offers,” said Samsung’s Eugene Goh, Vice President, IT & Mobile.

“There is growing demand for quality VR content and we hope collaborations… will spur the creative community to develop outstanding VR content to drive VR adoption in Singapore,” he added.

On 1 and 2 December, a “Spark by Maker” boot camp was held at PIXEL Studios, the result of a collaboration between IMDA and Maker Studios.

It brought together 50 creators and filmmakers including Meghan, Xiaxue and local YouTuber Jian Hao Tan (half of @NOTGOOD GAMERS), who furthered their skills and worked on ideas together. Jian Hao said, “I think it is a great opportunity for creators to have a place where they can gather, learn things and grow their talent, productions and content.”