Reality Detector Product

Contact: Dennis Ye
Tel: 8305 0508

AI Seer Pte. Ltd.’s (“Seer”) mission is to build the best multi-spectral reality / (re)cognition detector to clear the pure, making more trust more worthy and are proving this with lab studies and being validated by expert users. Seer is an AI startup seed funded by Tim Draper and Draper Associates whose “Sensors enhance Senses”. It envisions enabling perceptive machines for a more discerning and less discriminatory future and de-materializing and democratizing credibility assessment technologies in the future.

Have you as an investor or employer ever wondered when people are telling you the truth? Well, Seer has. This is why Seer created the Reality Detector (“RD”) product line to quickly surface truth/deception "tells" without contact that are otherwise invisible to the naked eye. More and more people are discovering that RD is able to tell if a person’s statement about what they did last weekend is a truth or a lie. Seer is already getting comparable/superior classification rates for the guilty/innocent with an approach that is similar to their direct competitor and would like to run a field study. They are aiming to productize their better, faster (and more modular) vision-based truth detector soon and are in discussions with distributors.

Seer is better able than rivals to use innovative questioning methods, such as a guilty knowledge test - potentially reducing false positives, saving fortunes, reducing crime, and even saving lives. To complement this, they have won an NRF grant to research audio and verbal technology and are looking to apply this to the finance industry, especially in the use case of insurance fraud without the need for hardware, unlike our direct competitor. Seer will also be the first decades to integrate innovative modalities like eye-tracker features to enhance the polygraph and is creating hostile intention sensing gates and concealed polygraphs.

AI Seer Infographic (930.47KB)

Last updated on: 19 Jan 2023

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