Anqlave KMS product

Contact: Ina Miranda
Tel: 8668 9982

Anqlave is a Singapore based software company that developed the next generation keys and secrets management system and market-leading data encryption technology products, designed to power and support business needs at scale.

Digital secret is anything, in a binary form, that grants the permission to access or use a system. Examples can be from passwords, authentication keys, certificate and so on.
Keys represent the identity online. If the keys are lost, it’s a hassle for the user and the provisioning entity (if there is one). If the keys are stolen, impersonation could happen; sometimes even on legal documents. 

Users typically have three concerns regarding keys. The first concern is the availability concern, i.e., users care about not losing access to their keys. The second concern is the secure storage concern, i.e., the storage service should not be able to use the keys. The third concern is the secure use concern, i.e., keys should be protected even when they are being used lest they may be read from computer memory when in use.

Anqlave is enabling users and enterprises to:

  • Create secure keys
  • Store them securely
  • Use them in a secure environment
  • Protect them against loss or theft
  • Always have them available

Today, traditional key management solutions are not able to offer secure creation, storage and use with full portability and high availability, users always have to compromise. Anqlave offers a no-compromise solution for key management.

Relevant use cases include:

  • Authentication - The world is transitioning from username/password-based authentication to cryptographic authentication. The platform fully supports password-less authentication.
  • Private communication - end-to-end encryption is a requirement for today’s communication channels, there is no need to compromise and let a 3rd party control the encryption keys.
  • Legal - PGP keys used to digitally sign legal contracts. If those keys are lost, impersonation could take place on legal documents. There is a need for enterprises to store and control their keys.
  • Crypto assets- the technology is qualitatively better than both online wallets and hardware wallets existed in the market. Application developers can develop wallets, peer-to-peer trading and crypto-currency transfer leveraging Anqlave technology.

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Last updated on: 03 Mar 2023

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