Contact: Tan Swee Yen
Tel: 9766 6626

CoNEX Healthcare has developed PreSAGE, a bed-side event monitoring system based on thermal imaging and proprietary machine learning models. It moves away from the cumbersome wearables or wired equipment and provides a truly non-contact, non-intrusive and continuous monitoring that protects patient and caregiver’s privacy. Thermal data do not reveal the identity of the patient or caregiver but grant high clarity for the analysis of various movement. 

The PreSAGE solution offers hospitals and nursing homes with valuable insights for better resource allocation and evidence when an incident occurs. Learned actions are automatically logged and generates a user-friendly report that greatly enhances nursing productivity. Customized alerts are also built for learned events, thereby enabling the institution to offer timely response and better quality of care.

The first feature for the PreSAGE system is the bed-exit prediction module that has been validated in a year-long study with the Tan Tock Seng Hospital. PreSAGE provides caregivers with more response time when an intended bed exit occurs, thereby reducing the risk of fall for high fall-risk patients. The system has gained confidence in the local community as well as overseas in Thailand and Australia.  

CoNEX Healthcare is constantly developing new features for PreSAGE together with our various hospital partners. CoNEX Healthcare is open to collaboration and strive to improve client's productivity and service rendered.

Infographic at a glance (2.79MB).

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Last updated on: 26 Oct 2022

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