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iProov creates digital trust with biometric authentication. Governments, banks, and other organisations are using iProov technology to establish indisputable proof of identity to deliver secure services remotely to citizens. Applications such as registration and on-boarding, ID verification, account and password recovery, multi-factor authentication, step-up authentication and access control all benefit from iProov’s innovative biometric authentication process.

Organisations demanding a combination of high security with usability, such as the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, the U.K. Home Office, European and Asia-Pacific governments, and financial services and healthcare providers, depend on iProov to validate genuine identity and strengthen citizen trust online.

iProov technology delivers Genuine Presence Assurance to security-conscious organisations. Genuine Presence Assurance uses biometric technology to establish:

  1. Is this the right person? Are they the legitimate holder of an identity or account?
  2. Is this a real person? Are they human, and not a mask, photograph or other replica?
  3. Are they authenticating themselves right now? Is this a live authentication and not a fraudulent replay of a previous attempt?

iProov’s patented AI deep learning technology assures that a user’s face is genuinely present when scanned on a device and matched to an official identity document, compliant with international standards. It detects and prevents all known identity spoof attack vectors including masks, replay attacks, compromised devices, and - critically - the emerging threat of deepfake artificial video. iProov works on mobile apps, web browser, and kiosk to maximise inclusivity and accessibility.

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Last updated on: 26 Oct 2022

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