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Contact: Angelina Terlaki
Tel: 6610 0517
Category: IoT
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Red Dot Analytics Pte Ltd (RDA), a deep-tech spin-off from Nanyang Technological University (NTU) Singapore, is a pioneer in developing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Digital Twin (DT) technologies to improve the sustainability, agility, and resiliency of operating mission-critical infrastructures. Its award-winning cognitive digital twin platform (DCWiz) empowers data centres to digitalise, optimise and automate toward greater business resilience and environmental sustainability.

DCWiz provides organisations with new insights into mission-critical environments and has been proven to reduce operational complexity, carbon emissions and achieve greater energy savings. Using real-time and historical operational data from a wide range of equipment in a data centre, the platform facilitates the creation of self-labelled operational datasets used to construct AI models and validate AI-recommended actions for risk-return profiling. This enables data centres to predict, quantify, and visualise the impact of any change before it is implemented in the physical environment. Thus, enabling better-informed decisions.

RDA harness the power of advanced machine learning algorithms for several use cases, including design/change validation, what-if analysis, PUE/CUE/WUE optimisation, capacity planning, and predictive maintenance life-cycle management for green and brown built data centres. DCwiz is highly scalable and can be configured to manage assets regardless of equipment type, vendor, or age in a single data centre or across multiple sites shifting from traditional data centre monitoring tools to impactful and actional insights for resilient operations and improve data centres' efficiency and sustainability.

RDA aims to transform mission-critical environments into Sustainable, Agile, and Intelligent with Smarter Decisions.

Artificial Technologies offerings for data centres:

  • Cooling Optimisation
  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Central Unified Sustainability Dashboard
  • Carbon Audit and Optimisation

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Last updated on: 09 Mar 2023

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