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Contact: Desmond Chong
Tel: +65 9856 9523

SoundEye technology allows security guards, nursing homes, hospitals,  and caregivers to receive and verify alerts within seconds. 

The SoundEye solution can easily detect abnormal sounds such as screaming, aggression, explosion, and sneezing powered by sound recognition technology.

The solution can detect falls, prevent falls, and detect abnormal sounds. It employs depth-sensing technology and SoundEye sound recognition technology. 

It does not intrude on privacy, is wearable-free, and works in the dark. 

SoundEye technology received IMDA SG:D Spark accreditation. SoundEye was also announced in the Singapore Parliament by Mr Desmond Lee as the trusted vendor for the National Council of Social Services (NCSS) Techbooster Programme. 

More than a thousand SoundEye solutions are deployed and monitoring in the airport, shopping mall, elderly nursing homes, orphanages, research labs, etc. 

The vision is to disrupt how one monitor safety and bring peace of mind to everyone!

SoundEye Infographic (1.03MB)

Last updated on: 03 Mar 2023

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