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Website: unscrambl.com
Contact: Shankar Ramesh
Tel: 9726 8588
Email: shankar@unscrambl.com

Unscrambl is an Augmented Intelligence (AI) company headquartered in Atlanta USA, whose founders have been collectively responsible for more than 200 patents and publications. The DNA of the company is to build AI-driven solutions for enterprises that augment human capabilities with machine intelligence. These solutions work across different functions in an enterprise - such as business analytics, marketing, customer service and more.

Unscrambl’s solutions are powered by a real-time cognitive decisioning platform that utilises stream analytics, machine learning and decision algorithms to tackle numerous cases across different industries. Unscrambl has pioneered the concept of “Robots”, which are automated engines that can drive business outcomes by sensing the current state, deciding and executing the best actions, observing the effects of the actions, and using the feedback to update their model.

Unscrambl’s leading Augmented Intelligence solution ‘Answers’ has been recognized by Gartner in the emerging space of ‘Conversational Analytics’. It enables business users to have a two-way conversation with a virtual business analyst in English language e.g. “what are the key insights for a line of business” and receive deep insights and visualizations in return. This enables AI-powered insights on the fly fueling productivity and creativity within the organisation. Unscrambl’s has found success with its solutions in Banks and Telecommunications providers in Asia, Middle East and the US who are embracing AI-driven transformation to deliver better customer experience and higher employee productivity.

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Last updated on: 03 Mar 2023

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