Website: www.xsquare.sg
Contact: Eugene Lim
Tel: 6494 2873
Email: connect@xsquare.sg

Backed by Goldbell’s 40 years of experience in material handling equipment, XSQUARE Technologies is on track to become the leader in intelligent warehousing solutions in the Asia Pacific with its suite of best-in-class Autonomous Mobile Robots and interoperable Warehouse Control and Optimisation System.

Recognizing the growing demand for warehouse automation and the need for AGVs that fit Asian warehouses with narrower configurations, the company was founded in Singapore in 2019 with the vision to revolutionise intralogistics in the region and beyond.

XSQUARE’s intelligent warehousing solutions comprise two parts:

  1. The Muscles – proprietary autonomous forklifts equipped with advanced features and designed to meet the different needs of warehouses while ensuring safety, accuracy and efficiency. The AGVs are built for interoperability and hybrid use, allowing for immediate and seamless integration into existing warehouse ecosystems without the need for re-configuration, downtime or workflow disruption, delivering greater operational and cost efficiencies.
  2. The Brain – proprietary Intelligent Warehouse Control System that plans, orchestrates, and optimises all activities within the warehouse. It can connect to any third-party equipment (conveyors, cargo lifts, mobile racks, other robot fleets, ASRS, etc.) and execute transport orders across all involved equipment, ensuring true interoperability.

In September 2022, XSQUARE Technologies entered a collaboration with one of the largest global OEMs in Japan, Mitsubishi Logisnext Asia Pacific, to push the boundaries of innovation and transform the warehouse automation industry with state-of-the-art automated guided vehicles. The AGVs are based on XSQUARE's solutions powered by intelligent data and cutting-edge technology.

XSQUARE Technologies was accorded the ‘Supply Chain Innovator of the Year (Robotics)’ award at the annual Supply Chain Asia Awards in November 2022.

Its clientele transcends industries covering pharmaceutical, furniture manufacturing, chemical logistics, 3PL, vertical farming and more.


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