A quick snapshot of the history of mobile phones and phone numbering in Singapore...

A Quick Snapshot of the History of Mobile Phones and Phone Numbering in Singapore
  • 5-digit format introduced for fixed telephone line numbers.
  • Later, both 5-digit and 6-digit phone numbers were used as Singapore's fixed-line telephone network grew.
  • First mobile phone designed for use in cars introduced.
  • Uniform 7-digit format introduced island-wide for fixed telephone line numbers.
  • First cellular Mobile Radio System (CMRS) operating on Advanced Mobile Phone System (AMPS) introduced.
  • Mobile phone and pagers able to be used in MRT trains.
  • Mobile phones with caller-ID capability introduced.
  • Introduction of Singapore's second analogue cellular system (ETACs).
  • Introduction of Singapore's first digital cellular system, Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM).
  • 8-digit numbers introduced for mobile phones and pagers by adding the prefix '9'.
Mar 2002
  • 8-digit numbers introduced for fixed line numbers by adding the prefix  '6'.
Mar 2004
  • 8-digit mobile phone numbers with prefix '8' introduced.

Last updated on: 13 Mar 2023