Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Congratulatory Speech - Launch of iPark Singapore by KIPA, Pan Pacific Hotel

Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive Officer
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Congratulatory Speech - Launch of iPark Singapore by KIPA, Pan Pacific Hotel
Singapore, 28 October 2002

Director General, Ministry of Information and Communication, Korea, Mr. June Hyung Noh President and Chief Executive Officer, KIPA, Dr Dan Hyung Lee Director and Chief Representative of Korea Venture Acceleration Centre, Mr Young Kim
Distinguished guests, ladies and gentlemen

1. I am happy to be here this afternoon to witness the launch of iPark in Singapore. This occasion marks the start of what I hope will be an enduring and win-win partnership between the Korea IT Industry Promotion Agency, or KIPA, and the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. 

2. IDA is happy to see the realisation of iPark as this helps us to fulfil our vision for the infocomm sector.  IDA plays a critical role in infocomm development in Singapore through 4 roles.  First, IDA seeks to promote the growth of a vibrant infocomm sector in Singapore, to provide an engine of growth and to make Singapore an attractive place for doing business.  Second, IDA seeks to promote the beneficial usage of infocomm in all sectors, including the Government, business sectors and among Singaporeans of all walks of life.  Third, IDA ensures that the enabling factors for a vibrant industry and pervasive adoption are present.  For example, IDA regulates operators in the telecommunications market, to ensure that competition works for the benefit of consumers.  Last but not least, as the Government Chief Information Officer, IDA spearheads the development and implementation of e-Government initiatives in Singapore.

3. Today's event is an example of the close relations that Korea and Singapore enjoy in the infocomm arena.  In May this year, IDA signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Information and Communication, Republic of Korea, to strengthen cooperation in the establishment of cross-border business-to-business interoperability.  Korean and Singaporean companies are working on developing suitable B2B standards and best practices in order to further drive the initiative.  In August last year, IDA signed a Memorandum of Intent with iMBC, a subsidiary of MunHwa Broadcasting Corporation, one of Korea's leading broadcasters, to bring Korean digital media content to Singapore.

4. Korea and Singapore share many common traits, chief of which is our desire to be players in the global infocomm game.  This year, the World Teleport Association named Seoul and Singapore as among the Top 7 Intelligent Communities of the World.

5. Korea's achievements in the infocomm sector are well-known. Korea is a global market leader in wireless technologies and digital content.  It has the highest broadband penetration in the world and a competitive market that provides consumer affordable access to a diverse range of content and applications. 

6. We too in Singapore aspire to emulate Korea's achievements. Singapore is a highly connected city with direct international telecommunication links to more than 100 countries. The liberalisation of our telecommunications sector has brought tremendous benefits; half the population are Internet dial-up subscribers, 64% of households own PCs, and the mobile penetration rate is over 75%. The prices of telecommunications services have also fallen as a result of competition.  Singapore's IDD rates are now amongst the lowest in the world.

7. The infocomm business is a global business.  While there is much that one intelligent community can accomplish on its own, there is a lot more that two intelligent communities working together can achieve.  The establishment of iPark in Singapore will foster exchanges and partnerships, not just between Korea and Singapore but also between Korea and other countries in this region.  Singapore is happy to play a part in strengthening infocomm co-operation between Korea and our region

8. We look forward to Korea and Singapore working more closely with each other as e-enabled partners of the new economy.

Thank you.

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