Mr Lam Chuan Leong, Chairman Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Speech - Press Conference for .NetMySingapore, Hyatt Hotel

Mr Lam Chuan Leong, Chairman
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Speech - Press Conference for .NetMySingapore, Hyatt Hotel
Singapore, 15 October 2002

Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, Members of the Press


1. In April this year, IDA and Microsoft signed a Memorandum of Intent (MOI) to jointly explore how to leverage on XML Web Services to deliver a range of community-oriented web services that will enable greater convenience, personalisation of services, and allow families and communities to be connected seamlessly through web services.  This vision, which is the.NetMySingapore project, will be implemented through four pillars mapped out under the MOI.  I am very glad to say that we have made good progress to-date and have also got new partners to join us.

.NetMySingapore Project

2. The first pillar under the .NetMySingapore project is the Community Web Services. This is a platform developed for Singaporeans to enjoy a more personalised Internet experience anytime, anywhere and on any device.  I would like to thank two key partners which have come on board to jointly spearhead this effort - NTUC INCOME and National Computer Systems Pte Ltd (NCS).  NTUC INCOME has committed to be the business owner of the Community Web Services; NCS will be the systems integrator and provider of the portal framework and smart engine.  Leveraging on INCOME's existing online services, ten web services have been planned for this project.  

3. The second pillar is to help develop manpower capabilities for the local Infocomm companies through a training programme. This includes developing a curriculum for full-time and part-time graduate diploma and masters students.  Our new partner to implement this will be the Institute of Systems Science (ISS). 

4. The third pillar to facilitate the internationalisation of web services developed by Singapore Infocomm companies is the "Overseas Development Programme" (ODP) jointly sponsored by IDA and Microsoft.   There will be an ODP Manager stationed at Microsoft Corporate Office in Redmond Washington.  He will have responsibility for establishing business and technology collaboration opportunities for Singapore companies with the Microsoft's corporate office. 

5. Finally, under the fourth pillar to explore Emerging Technologies for Singapore,  a committee has been formed to explore and identify the potential research and development areas that Microsoft can undertake in Singapore. 

IDA's Web Services Industry Development Framework

6. The .NetMySingapore project is in line with IDA's efforts to leverage on the potential and growth of web services.  We have identified web services as one of the areas that Singapore can play a leadership role, and become an engine of growth for our software and IT services industry.  The four pillars for this project support the three strategic thrusts under IDA's new Web Services Industry Development Framework announced two weeks ago.  The three thrusts are firstly, to grow the "Intellectual Capital" for web services; secondly, to establish Singapore as a "Living Lab" and thirdly, to put in place an "Enabling Infrastructure" to address industry-wide issues that hinder growth of the Web Services industry. 

7. The strength of the .NETMySingapore project is in the collaboration and partnership that have been formed to push the effort forward.  This collaboration has resulted in greater synergy and value-add for all the partners involved.  These four pillars that I mentioned is not the end of such joint projects.  I hope they will be the beginning of more joint projects.  I would like to encourage more companies to come forward and join us to help build a strong and vibrant Infocomm industry in Singapore.

8. In concluding, I would like to thank again our partners, Microsoft, NTUC Income, NCS and ISS, for coming together to work on the .NETMySingapore project. 

Thank you. 

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