Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive, Infocomm Development Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore Speech - Wireless Java Jam, NIE

Mrs Tan Ching Yee, Chief Executive, Infocomm Development
Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore
Speech - Wireless Java Jam, NIE
Singapore, 5 December 2002

1. Mr Png Kim Boo, Director & CTO, Sun Microsystems Asia South, Mr Lee Kong Hung, Centre Manager, Java Wireless Competency Centre, Distinguished guests, Ladies & Gentlemen and Java Jammers


2. I am delighted to be here today, among so many enthusiastic and talented young people. I see in you our future technopreneurs, CIOs and IT Directors. In the fast changing landscape of Infocomm technologies where new ideas and innovation are our way of life, only those who are young and nimble at heart will succeed.

A Vibrant Infocomm Sector

3. may have become dot.gone or dog.gone or worse. But we dismiss the promise of the ICT industry at our peril. ICT remains one of the most dynamic and vibrant industries. ICT has become very much a part of our lives with always-on, everywhere, anytime connectivity, especially with the emergence of wireless technologies. ICT contributes 7 percent to Singapore's GDP, and is responsible for more than 105,000 well-paying jobs. The sector offers a myriad of opportunities for creativity, entrepreneurship and potential to make an impact on people's lives.

4. The ICT sector, being a knowledge industry, is a natural breeding ground for aspiring entrepreneurs. In the software and applications development arena for instance, an idea can be quickly conceptualised, developed, implemented, and introduced to the market within a relatively short timeframe.

Create and Connect

5. Beyond being able to create and realise your own idea and vision, a good application, product or service can serve as a launch pad to build a business. You too can be a technopreneur. I would like to share with you the story of two young men who pursued their passion and started their own infocomm company. Four years ago, when other 18-year-olds spent their time clubbing and pitting their skills against each other in computer games, two young men were already hatching a plan to start their own IT firm. They were not even old enough to assume ownership of their company, IntraMedia. They went against all odds to convince investors they had credibility. These days, they work up to 16 hours a day in a bid to commercialise their flagship product, an operating system which can run programs written for different platforms, by end of the year. Presently, the 11-man company is talking about plans to set up global offices and put Singapore on the world map and become a world-class R&D outfit within the next two years.

6. Today's Wireless Java Jam event organised by the Java Wireless Competency Centre with the support of Sun Microsystems and IDA will be providing you the first step. As the first J2ME student entrepreneur programme, it combines both technical and business components. Besides the technological aspects on Java technology, this camp provides insights into the business aspects on issues like raising funds, business expectations in the ICT sector and Intellectual Property Rights. I am sure many of you have been inspired by the interactions with like-minded people, and are thinking of new wireless applications that can make lives better.

7. I have heard that some of the concepts and ideas developed by some of the students at this camp have got good potential. Out of the total 105 concept papers received, there is an assortment of interesting applications catering to different needs. These range from virtual pets, karaoke, friend finder, instant bus guide, and mobile quizzes for end users to mobile name cards queue management system, and mobile project management system for businesses.


8. IDA is happy to support more of such events, where our infocomm partners and the IHLs come together not only to promote creativity and innovation among our young but also to provide an avenue to develop, build and even commercialise their ideas. The future of the ICT sector depends on it attracting its fair share of talented and passionate young people, who are keen to do something worthwhile with their interests. Follow your hearts - you do best when your job happens to be also your hobby!

9. Last but not least, I congratulate all of you - survivors of the Wireless Java Jam. It is nice to win, for it is recognition of a job well done. Even if you do not emerge a winner this round, do not give up. Your next idea is just around the corner. I hope our organisers will put together another event soon, to catch the stream of new ideas. Who knows? That next idea may be the winner.

10. On this happy note, let me thank all of you for your participation. I hope to see your names in lights soon!

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