Mr Leong Keng Thai, Acting CEO, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore - Speech IDA-SUN Overseas Development Programme (ODP), Raffles City Convention Centre ...

Mr Leong Keng Thai, Acting CEO, Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore - Speech
IDA-SUN Overseas Development Programme (ODP), Raffles City Convention Centre

Singapore, 10 Jun 2003

Good afternoon,
Mr Lionel Lim, Vice President and Managing Director, Asia South, Sun Microsystems,
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,


In March this year, IDA launched the Connected Singapore blueprint, with the vision of "Unleashing Potential, Realising Possibilities, through Infocomm". The aim of this vision is to bring Singapore's Infocomm development to newer heights, to provide more pervasive connectivity among the people and businesses through Infocomm technology, and to revitalise the Infocomm industry.

At the launch, the Minister spoke on how Singapore's Infocomm industry should strive beyond our current achievements, in order to ride on the next wave of growth. He outlined the three "Beyonds" that will help us do so. They are "Beyond corporate to entrepreneurial"; "Beyond Government-led to an Industry-Government partnership"; and last but not least, "Beyond Singapore to the world."

Given the current challenging economic climate, the call to "Go beyond Singapore," has become increasingly pertinent. Coupled with the small domestic market, it makes it even more vital that our Singapore based companies look outside of Singapore, and determine how they can tap on the market potential in Asia and beyond.

With Infocomm usage becoming increasingly pervasive amongst businesses, geographical boundaries are no longer a major constraint. Businesses can now tap on the opportunities out there with much greater ease and convenience. Together with our Singapore Infocomm companies, we have to continually be creative and entrepreneurial in looking for ways to collaborate with our partners to build a robust value chain, and thereafter venture beyond the shores of Singapore.

Win-Win Partnership towards Globalisation

IDA recognises the need for our local players to take advantage of overseas opportunities as a growth strategy. This is in line with the vision of Connected Singapore to leverage on the potential of Infocomm to generate business growth. Hence as part of our effort to help our local enterprises build their external wings to become globally competitive and penetrate the overseas markets, IDA launched the Overseas Development Programme (ODP) at the Connected Singapore event.

The programme arises from the recognition that many of our Infocomm local enterprises have matured over the years and have successfully developed software products and services for the market within and beyond Singapore. It serves as the impetus to "rapidly push" them towards globalisation.

In addition, by emphasising on capability enhancement, the ODP as a partnership-driven programme will leverage on the strengths, business connections and technology edge of MNCs and leading Singapore companies to help our local enterprises gain a head start in new markets overseas.

Through this programme, IDA hopes to nurture 50 globally competitive local companies to achieve export revenue of more than S$50 million over the next two years. Since its launch, we have received encouraging response to the programme. We will work with interested industry leaders to identify potential ODP partnerships so that our local enterprises will have more opportunities to leverage off these partnerships when they venture into the vast markets beyond Singapore.

IDA-SUN ODP Partnership

I am pleased to be here today as we formalise Sun's participation in the ODP. Sun will be amongst our pioneer ODP partners, and is the first ODP partnership focusing on Greater China - a place with huge market potential and business opportunities.

As many of you may know, Sun is not new to helping to develop and grow the Infocomm sector in Singapore. Since 1997, Sun has been collaborating with IDA through the various Java Tarik initiatives and the infocomm Local Industry Upgrading Programme (iLIUP). In fact, Sun is one of our longest-serving iLIUP MNC partners. Under the Sun iLIUP, it has successfully helped over 30 iLIUP local companies in developing commercially viable software and services.

The IDA-Sun ODP partnership is also in line with the recent JAVA Tarik ONE collaboration (Java TONE in short) between IDA and Sun. The Java TONE collaboration framework was sealed in March this year between IDA Chairman and Sun Microsystems, President and CEO Scott McNealy when Scott was in Singapore.

The Java TONE collaboration has three initiatives - in the areas of capability development, market development and market access (ie, ONE-Capability, ONE-Development and ONE-Market, respectively). The IDA-Sun ODP falls under Java TONE's "ONE-Market" initiative that helps to expand the business opportunities of the Infocomm local enterprises (iLEs) beyond Singapore.

Through the IDA-Sun Java TONE partnership, the ODP will boost the presence of our local Java developers in the growing markets outside of Singapore. With ODP, local companies will leverage on Sun's existing worldwide network to accelerate their overseas market presence. The goal is to assist as many as 20 companies, and to generate up to S$20 million in revenue over the next five years.

I am glad to see there are already five local companies on board the IDA-Sun ODP, each with its own unique product proposition. This shows that our local companies are now bringing their successes in product development to a new level through participation in IDA-Sun Overseas Development Programme.

Some of you may already be familiar with these companies. Their services and offerings range from e-Government, Healthcare, Urban Planning, Content Management, Banking, and Web Services. They include Ecquaria known for their Public Services Infrastructure (PSI) for the Singapore government, Stratech Systems for their Intelligent Transport Systems, and System Access for their universal banking solutions. The other two local partners, PeridotHealth Systems and novaSPRINT, have also exhibited proven track records in their own core business areas of integrated healthcare delivery systems and e-business solutions respectively.


The IDA-Sun ODP is a good launching pad for Singapore companies with ready-products to accelerate their go-to-market efforts. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Sun for their continued commitment to grow the Infocomm sector in Singapore.

At the same time, I certainly look forward to more of such win-win partnerships as we strengthen Singapore as a global Infocomm capital. I therefore urge all interested partners to be part of the Overseas Development Programme; and together embark on the journey to grow our sector to become a "globally valued partner" to the world. Thank you.

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